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Benin Donations

Donating through our orgnization is easy, tax-deductible, and guarantees that your money is used where it's needed most.

100% of Donations Reach the People of Benin
We have often been skeptical about donations with other organizations because of the large beauracracies involved. For every $1 provided, often times $0.50 or less would make it's way to the people in need.

The money you donate makes its way directly to the orphanage. It goes either physically in our hands in the trips we make, or is wired directly to Gabi (the orphanage director) who takes it personally to the orphanage.
What's needed
We will update this page with what's needed but most of the time the best gift is money. This gives us the resources to not just supply goods for the Benin people, but to build and develop businesses to help improve their economy. Instead of a one-time gift like a pair of shoes, your money can be used to help build a structure that allows the people to start their own business. You will truely be providing a gift that will keep on giving.
Medical Supplies
These people are always in great need of medical supplies. Please download this XLS with a listing of all the medical supplies needed.
Example Donations / Results
$5 USD - Pills to cure malaria for one child.
$10 USD - Mosquito net to protect one family of four from mosquitos.
$25 USD - Additional after-hours classes for all 10th grade students.
$55 USD - Covers an entire year of school for one child in primary school.
$60 USD - Gas to run the generator for 4 hours every night for a month.
$65 USD - 3 eggs per week for every child in the orphanage for an entire month.
$90 USD - Dress clothes for every single child in the orphanage.
$100 USD - 1 glass of milk for each child per day for an entire month.
$105 USD - Sufficient meat (chicken, fish) for each child at the orphanage for an entire month.
$105 USD - All of the anti-biotics, vitamins, anti-malaria medications for the entire orphanage for one month.
$110 USD - Covers an entire year of school for one child in middle school.

It does not matter if you give $5 or $500. Anything you can provide within your means is a tremendous help.
Tax Deductible
All of your donations are routed through the Beavercreek Church of the Nazarene. This means that everything you donate is a tax write-off.
How to Donate
Donations can be made through PayPal, check, or money order. For more information, please visit the orphanage's site:

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